What Are Magnetic Bracelets? The Facts

The media has recently given magnetic bracelets as a natural treatment for arthritis pain a lot of attention. This has been a great opportunity for many, who advocate using alternative pain relief for treating arthritis, to start selling magnetic bracelets.

Online shops have sprouted left, right and centre over the last few years, all claiming to sell high strength magnetic bracelets. It has become a ‘gauss war’ so to say. But what are the facts? Does magnetic bracelet really relieve pain? And more importantly what type of pain relief can someone expect to get from using magnetic bracelets?

In one word – YES; wearing a magnetic bracelet will give you pain relief. BUT not in your knees, back or feet!

The main reason why magnetic therapy fails to work is because this natural treatment is usually not applied correctly. Before using any form of magnetic treatments one must understand that healing magnets will only work on a localised area. For example, if one is looking to have relief from low back pain without drugs or surgery, wearing a magnetic bracelet will not relieve their lower back pain. They will need to wear the therapeutic magnets as close as possible to the point of pain. In this case a magnetic back belt will be the best treatment.

Hence, wearing a magnetic bracelet will only relieve pain in your hand, wrist, fingers and lower arm at most. Therefore, you can be almost sure that you will get a certain amount of natural pain relief when wearing a magnetic bracelet, if you suffer from any of the following conditions: repetitive strain injuries, tendonitis, arthritis in the wrist, carpal tunnel syndrome, post surgery pain relief to the hand, wrist and fingers and sprains and strains or any other type of injuries to the fingers, arms, wrists and hands only.

Magnetic bracelets

If your condition is chronic and long term then you should opt for a high strength magnetic bracelet. But don’t expect quick results. Magnetic therapy takes weeks if not months to relieve pain completely. The key here is to persevere and wear your magnetic bracelet 24/7 for at least a few months.

So if you are considering using a magnetic bracelet to relieve pain the natural way, then one note of advice would be to buy your magnetic product from someone who offers a long money back guarantee period. Al least then if it doesn’t work for you after several months of using it, you can always get your money back.

What are magnetic bracelets


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